Kaelen is 1 Month!

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Its hard to believe that my baby boy turned 1 month old today! He’s gained so much weight and is visibly bigger than his birth stats (9lbs 11oz & 22inches long)! Kaelen’s arms, legs, and face have filled out since he was born and his little tummy is starting to round out.  Kaelen has lots of dark hair although its thin on top so he looks like a little old man.  Kaelen’s eyes were dark the night he was born, but since then they have lightened to be a beautiful blue color. I know it is too early to tell what color they will be for his whole life, but they’re amazing now and make his Mama melt when he looks at me!

At one month Kaelen is able to follow our voices to find our faces when we are talking. He often stops looking at a friend or family member who is holding him to look for Mama or Daddy when we start talking in the same room. He is also able to visually track a toy or object that we move in front of his face! It is really funny at times when he is having trouble focusing his eyes or if he gets tired of focusing he completely crosses his little eyes! Other than loving to look at people’s faces, he also loves to look at anything that is “high contrast” (think black & white), and also is fascinated by lights and will stare at them as much as possible.

Little Man is VERY opinionated about how he wants to be held. He is  vocal if he doesn’t like the position he is in or if he is restricted. We do swaddle him to sleep for longer naps and overnight so that he doesn’t startle himself awake, however he greatly dislikes the process of being swaddled or being “restricted” in his motion. He won’t latch to breastfeed at all if his head is held tight or covered (like in the sling). He does enjoy the sling for extended periods of time as long as he isn’t in a mood where he doesn’t want to be held close.

Kaelen holds his head up exceptionally well, and does so often, including when we are burping him or at times when it is a significant amount of work. He does occasionally dive his little body away in a random direction from whomever is holding him so I do routinely mention to him that “baby diving” is not a sport that I want him to take up!

Little Man is such a good sleeper! He loves to sleep on our chest or in our arms, which is perfect by me since you can’t spoil a baby under 4 months old, I am content to hold him (or let him be held) much of the time! At times when he is overtired or inexplicably upset the best way to settle him is to lay him on my chest (or Daddy’s) and sing or talk to him until he falls asleep. Mama’s got a little magic!

One of the cutest things that Kaelen does is that when I hold him with his head on my shoulder he will take his outside arm and put it around my shoulder or upper arm and “hug” while he is being held! It is soo sweet and special. He really is a cuttle-bug and I am just eating that up! I sure hope he will stay cuddly as he grows into a little boy, but since there’s no way to know that I’m just making the most of all the little moments I have now.

Kaelen grabs at our fingers or toys we place in hands and will wave the toys around for awhile before letting go. There are times he gets his hands to his mouth and will attempt to gnaw at them, but he often is able to see his hands and not able to coordinate moving them where he might want. He does still “hit” himself with his hands and arms a good bit, especially while sleeping (hence why we swaddle).

During Tummy Time, Kaelen is able to lift his head and turn it in both directions as he desires and will look for our voices or at high contrast toys we place around him. Amazingly he is able to wiggle/move forward already on his tummy. At times he will move 8-10 inches and completely off the edge of the blanket he is on for tummy time! He tolerates being on his tummy usually for 5-15 minutes. We are trying to be routinely spending tummy time a couple times a day (not counting when he hangs out on my chest or Daddy’s chest).

When I am up for working around the house (cooking, picking up, etc) I often put Kaelen in the sling, or ergo carrier with infant insert. He loves to be right with me and I talk to him about what I’m doing. He also likes his bouncy seat and the Mamaroo that his Aunt Lauren lent to us. Sometimes when I am unable to hold him he will spend time in one of those seats, but not for long. He does like to sleep occasionally in the Mamaroo and the motion seems to help him sleep longer during a nap. I am grateful that all of the above mentioned things are good by him most of the time since it means that I have a variety of options for how to hold/carry him or places he can be if I don’t want to or can’t hold him.

Here are the pictures from his 1 month photo-shoot.  For each month the plan is to take two sets of pictures:  One of Kaelen sitting on the couch and the other of him in a laundry basket.

It’s amazing how hard it can be to prop up a 1 month old!


I love all the silly faces he makes!
He was moving too much for me to get a completely still photograph.

One of his favorite things is “Daddy Time”
I love watching my men together!

Kaelen and Me!

I realize this was a long post, but some of them will be more detailed since this blog is also my virtual baby book!

~ Erica



Kaelen’s First Wedding

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Last night we celebrated with Nick & Brittany!  The wedding took place outside (brrrr) on Britany’s family’s farm.  It was picturesque, beautiful countryside, horses in the field, guests sitting on bales of hay keeping warm with blankets & cider.  To top it off there was a PERFECT sunset right during the ceremony.  Kaelen wore his blue & grey fleece outdoor suit that his Aunt Lauren gave him and he actually slept completely through the ceremony and the beginning of the reception.  I couldn’t have planned it more perfectly!  Here are some pictures from the wedding & reception.


Kaelen & me keeping warm while waiting for the wedding to start


Bridal Party

Nick&BrittanyWeddingPanoramaPanoramic shot during the ceremony


First dance


Daddy time during dinner


Our first Family picture at an event


Celebrating with Nick & Brittany

~ Erica

Four Weeks

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Kaelen 4 weeks

Kaelen in his Wedding Outfit

Tomorrow some good friends of ours Nick & Brittany are getting married!  We are so excited to celebrate with them, and introduce them to Kaelen!  They are expecting a daughter in May so their little girl will grow up with Kaelen! This is the little outfit that we bought at the local kids consignment store.  I think its sooo adorable and that Kaelen looks like  a little old man!

~ Erica

Three Weeks

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Kaelen 3 weeks

Posing for Mama

Kaelen has set himself a little bit of a routine, although since I feed him on demand there’s no set timing or times of day.  He eats every 2 hours or so during the day most days, except occasionally he will ask to eat hourly for 3-4 hours.  Kaelen laughs and smiles in his sleep, as well as “twitches” while he is dreaming… makes me wonder what he could be dreaming about in his sleep!  Little man has three alert periods where he is alert and attentive for about 45 minutes to an hour.  The first is usually after we wake up in the morning and he has eaten and had his diaper changed.  The second one usually happens mid-to-late afternoon, and the third usually happens between 9pm-10:30pm right before he goes to sleep for the night.  He is king of the “cat nap” but does nap for an extended three hour nap usually during the afternoon.  I sometimes nap with him, although with him sleeping as much as he does at night I feel pretty well rested.  I think that’s about it for this week’s update.

~ Erica

Two Weeks Old

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Kaelen 2 weeks-sm

This week I have still been recovering but am finally able to do things for myself!  I am still only allowed up and down the steps one time each day, so Doug is running the house single-handedly.  He is keeping up with all the additional laundry (cloth diapers, baby clothes, etc.) as well as keeping me fed with frequent snacks and balanced meals.  I don’t know where I’d be without his unending support and encouragement.  I’m looking forward to beginning to do a little more in the next couple weeks, but have so appreciated this time to work on getting nursing established, learning Kaelen’s signals and cries, and bonding as a new family of three!

~ Erica

One Week Old!

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(I am writing this post in review since when Kaelen was one week old I was still significantly in recovery myself.)

I never realized how quickly it is possible to fall in love.  I was completely smitten by my nice Lily 13 months & 1 day prior to Kaelen being born so I knew it would happen… I just had no idea how hard and fast I would fall!  Truly I loved him from before we even began the process of trying to conceive… I just didn’t know it was him until the day he was born.

Here is Kaelen’s weekly picture. This is a picture that we intend to replicate each week for at least the first few months, hopefully the first year.  Doug gave me the bear that is in this picture when he and I were dating and since it is a HUGE overstuffed bear we though it would be perfect to use a perspective prop to show how Kaelen is growing each week!  Tune back in to see his future photos!

Kaelen 1 week

Kaelen is 1 week old


The first couple of days after Kaelen was born we did have to watch him closely because he stopped breathing through his nose and started to turn purple while he was nursing a couple of times on Saturday, December 29th.  This was really scary for me that my baby boy was so hungry that he would stop breathing in order to attempt to eat.  We couldn’t see any visible signs of congestion, but could hear them because he snorted alot and had chest retractions while breathing.  He seemed to have the easiest time breathing while laying flat and a much harder time if he were being held upright or seated.  We called Lisa, my midwife who thankfully has MANY fabulous resources.  She spoke with the lactation consultant and several other professionals and recommended that I put some colostrum (2-3 drops) in each of his nostrils, and then wait several minutes before laying him belly down across me with his head hanging at a 45 degree angle towards the bed for 3-5 minutes to do “postural drainage”.  I did this prior to attempting to nurse for the next 5 or 6 nursings.  It took awhile but eventually he did cough up some clear mucous and by Monday after he was born his breathing was completely relaxed!

His first visit with our family doctor was Monday December 30th and he was pronounced to have good heart tones, breathing, and all over excellent health.  His weight dropped to 9lbs 2oz, which is completely within the 10% weight loss that is often observed with newborns until they start gaining weight after their mother’s milk comes in.  At our appointment with Lisa (midwife) the same day Kaelen got his footprint put on a certificate for us to keep with all his birth stats.

Kaelen also had his first two chiropractic adjustments this week.  We want to be sure that his spine stays correctly aligned from the very beginning to promote good health his whole life! Kaelen has developed quite the fan club at our Chiropractor’s office!

In the first week of his life Kaelen was amazingly easy (once we got past the breathing scare)!  He surprised us all by sleeping 2.5-3 hour stretches starting the 3rd night after he was born, which allowed me to get more rest than I expected. Most days I didn’t even feel like I needed a nap, plus I was so “high” on him that I was too excited to sleep and just wanted to soak in all the time I could with him.

I was so thankful for all the people who stayed with us and brought us food in the first week.  Linda, who is my Mama goes by Nana to Kaelen was probably the biggest time contributor as she stayed overnight with us 4 nights the first week.  This allowed Doug to rest all night so that he was fresh and physically and emotionally rested to be “on” during the day times.  Doug also was getting over a 100+ degree fever and symptoms that he came down with on Sunday after Kaelen was born so this help was so vital!   While I was recovering I needed everything done for me including making all my food, bringing me everything, getting items Kaelen needed, changing all his diapers, and significant help to do the things I did do (bathroom trips, getting in and out of bed, etc.).   I am thankful beyond my ability to articulate it to those who so willingly served me this week:  Doug, Mama/Linda, My Best Friend Lauren, My In-Laws Susan & Jay, Sisters Noelle & Rachael, Sister-in-law Sarah, Bethany, and many others who prepared and sent food over.  Please know how much you each mean to me and to all three of us!

We also had Kaelen’s Newborn Photos taken, so I will be sharing those in a future post!  I’m very excited about them and am looking forward to sharing them here!

~ Erica