Two Months Old!

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This month has just flown by!  Kaelen is growing and changing at such a quick rate, we are noticing something new almost daily.  At least once during the past month Doug and I have said aloud to each other that he looks different than the day before.  Kaelen’s face has really filled out and he is getting more hair on top of his head.  His arms and legs are getting slightly chubbier, but he is still a loooong baby so he doesn’t look chunky…. time will tell if he stays long and thin or if he gets fat like Doug and I both did as babies!

Here are the pictures from this month’s photo shoot:

   Kaelen2Months08 Kaelen now completely fills the laundry basket length-wise


Kaelen makes the silliest faces all the time!
He can now sit propped without any help or us catching him from repeatedly falling over.

Daddy & Son Matching Outfits! Kaelen LOOOVES his Daddy.
I love the Hoodies!

Snuggling with Mama


At Two Months Kaelen is able to reach or swing his hands at something he is looking at.  He enjoys playing games with his Daddy trying to “get” Daddy’s hand.  He is also able to get his hand to his mouth to suck on it and does so several times each day. Kaelen is also very verbal and conversational.  He coos, grunts, and squeaks and pauses for us to respond to him before he continues, sometimes carrying on with an engaged parent or grandparent for up to 5 minutes.  Doug loves to sing or hum a tune for Kaelen and he has started cooing and “singing” along!  It is the cutest thing to watch!

Kaelen has continued to get bigger and is now wearing 3 month size clothes due to his length.  He is “skinny” for nearly all of his clothes although the cloth diapers do make his bottom a good bit bigger! It seems as though he will only be in this size for a couple more weeks however, so I’ll have to start working on pulling out longer things soon!  It sure is amazing how quickly he is growing.

Kaelen has started sleeping longer periods of time over night in the past couple weeks!  We are so excited that he is regularly sleeping a block of more than four hours nightly, and that he recently slept over five hours!  I am starting to feel much more rested on a regular basis which is SO welcome.  His sleep is still disorganized during the day and he often takes very short cat-naps after nursing and then is alert again until the next feeding.  He does take one longer nap in the afternoon or evening of over an hour, but at this point there’s not any way to predict exactly when that will be. Kaelen still sleeps with us, but we rarely swaddle him since we have found that he only tends to wave his arms around and wiggle a ton during his last sleep cycle of the night (really its in the early morning after 7am-8am).  Once he starts sleeping slightly longer periods of time in the very near future and waking fewer times to nurse at night we will transition him into the cradle that is beside our bed.

Kaelen has gotten very good at holding himself up.  He needs no help to sit slightly propped in a corner of a couch or against a pillow.  His neck is quite strong and we rarely need to support his head anymore except when he is asleep and totally limp or picking him up or putting him down.  He loves to look all around and especially straight up at whoever is holding him or the lights in the room.

Little Man smiles generously at us or anyone who smiles and talks with him!  It is the cutest thing and I have been able to catch him smiling in several of the photographs I have taken and published!  He is laughing alot more, but it is mostly in his sleep.  He laughed for his Daddy once, but I wasn’t nearby to hear it.  We do tickle him lots and he squirms, but doesn’t yet laugh in response.

Rarely Kaelen has a fussier time, but it is ALWAYS because he needs something.  In some evenings he wants to eat more frequently than the rest of the day so he hangs out with me for long stretches to nurse and nap every 60-90 minutes.

For now that’s all the updates I have…. more again soon!



“…I Work Out!”

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Last week I returned to the gym for the first time since Kaelen was born!  I had been highly active working out until the last portion of my pregnancy, but due to how big Kaelen was my low back didn’t allow me to continue working out after about mid-November.  I was feeling antsy and ready to return to being active starting about four weeks postpartum, however between Kaelen’s sleep schedule and our travel to Florida I hadn’t made it.

I didn’t even realize how much I had missed working out!  First I attended Yoga with Susan (Mother-in-law) Nicole, and Sarah (sisters-in-law) Sunday of last week.  It was challenging, but it was so good to stretch and loosen up.  I was sore in a few places for a few days after that, but totally worth it!

Monday & Wednesday I went back to my Zumba class.  For anyone who doesn’t know Zumba is an active dance class where the music is mostly Latin music and the moves draw from Latin dances such as Samba, Salsa, or Meringue.  I’ve never much enjoyed traditional workouts on stationary equipment or running, but I am SUPER motivated in Zumba because of how much I love to dance and by the group environment!  Walking out of the gym last Monday it hit me how much I have missed it since I hadn’t been for so long!  I could feel a major difference in my energy level already after being back just a couple days…

I will probably shoot to get to the gym 3-5 times per week and I do have a variety of classes I like to take including Zumba, Yoga, & a Mom’s workout class that does strengthening.  The cool thing about the Mom’s class is that I can take Kaelen with me if I want to or if he can’t stay at home with Doug without having to put him in Child Watch at the YMCA.

I’m looking forward to having my pre-pregnancy clothing fit again and I’m glad to be working towards that goal!

~ Erica



Seven Weeks Old

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Today’s post is a short one, since it’s already Saturday and I haven’t gotten this week’s picture up I’m not going to try to write as much.  Kaelen continues to grow and develop so quickly!  We see him do new things almost every day… it is absolutely amazing!  At his six week visit with the Midwife this week he weighed 13lbs 7oz and is 25 inches long. I knew he was getting bigger, but didn’t realize that he’s grown three inches since he was born! This week went by so quickly due to the trip to Florida and recovering from it.  I hope to post about Grandpa Blumenthal’s party this week since I didn’t get to it yet, but here is the bear photo for this week. I am so excited that I got one of him smiling for this week!

Kaelen 7 Weeks

~ Erica

Six Weeks

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This week we are in Florida to celebrate Grandpa Blumenthal’s 90th birthday!  Since we left on Wednesday night, the bear picture for this week could not be taken in the green glider.  The bear made the required trip however, because we didn’t want to miss a week! We decided to use one of the Adirondack chairs from the pool area of the house we are renting here in Palm Harbor, Florida.  Kaelen has grown so much this week!



We made the trip down in two parts in order to help Kaelen handle the drive best.  We left around 12:30 and drove to Savannah, Georgia where we stopped at a hotel to sleep.  After sleeping in until 11:30, we got on the road to drive the remaining six hours to Palm Harbor, Florida.  We had stopped for Kaelen to eat once in the overnight portion of the drive, however the day-time driving required more frequent stops, so we stopped a total of three times.  This is pretty typical since Kaelen goes for four hours between feedings once overnight with 2.5-3 hour blocks following.  We are so grateful for our good sleeper!


At six weeks we are noticing each day that Kaelen is more “conversational”.  He is so social!  He awards his smiles not just to Daddy & Mama, but also to Grandma, Grandad, and his aunts, uncles, and cousins who are all staying at the house!  Last night he had an extended conversation with Grandma where he cooed and responded back and forth with her for at least ten minutes.  It is so adorable to watch as he is enthralled with people!  He is also really filling out in his face and his tummy is rounding out more.  During ‘tummy time’ Kaelen lifts both his head and legs off the floor or bed and he also holds his trunk and neck very upright when he is awake and being held.

Today we went to see Grandpa Blumenthal’s house and then to Tarpon Springs.  In Tarpon Springs we wandered around the shops to see the sponges that they harvest from the floor of the Gulf of Mexico.  Due to some rain/clouds the temperature dropped about ten degrees and had become overcast, so we didn’t go out on a tour to see the sponge divers working.  We hope to do that later in the trip or on a future visit as it was a highlight for Doug when he was little.

All of the out of town family joined us for a cookout at the house with Grandpa Blumenthal tonight to grill out.  This house is perfect to entertain the group since it is big and open and has a huge bar on the kitchen counter and a table that will easily seat twelve in the dining room.  We haven’t ever rented a vacation house before that was so well equipped for our whole family to stay!  There’s a heated pool in the back and we hope to swim tomorrow.  Josh, Mark, Caleb, & Connor swam this morning, and a misplaced cannon ball accidentally doused Sarah, Nicole, and Grandma (Susan) who was holding Kaelen- OOPS!

The rest of the celebrations will be over the course of the weekend, we will post more pictures soon!

~ Erica



First Friends

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There was a string of friends that all had their first babies over the past six months and so this past week was an opportunity for Kaelen to meet them, and for us to meet their babies.  I was amazed to see how big he is compared to some of the other babies, even ones who are significantly older than he is!  We had a wonderful time.

The first event was a wedding, here our friend Van is holding Kaelen and Lincoln (4 months).

Van, Lincoln, & Kaelen


Next we took lunch to our friends Adam & Mandi who had their daughter Adalynn at the same birthing center we used.  Here Adalynn is 1 week and 3 days old!  Mandi and I had a great visit sharing our birth stories and catching up on “being mom”!



Both Adalynn & Kaelen were over 9lbs at birth and super long!  She was 23 inches!

Over the weekend Doug and I attended a leadership conference where we saw a few more friends between sessions!  It was great because many of us brought our babies with us.  It was good to catch up with everyone!  (Bear with the cellphone pictures:)

Jessica, Carson, Kaelen, & Me

Kaelen & me with Carson (2 months) & Jessica
I love Carson’s adorable little outfit! She’s got Mommy’s sense of style!

Kara, Albon, Kaelen, & me
Kara & Albon (2 months) with Kaelen & me
Albon is such a cutie!

I’m so excited for our kids to grow up together!  These are the first of many fun times!

~ Erica



Five Weeks Old!

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My Baby Boy is getting SOOO BIG! In the past week he has passed the twelve pound mark, and is already getting to tall for his co-sleeper that he uses in our bed.  Here is his weekly picture:

Kaelen 5 weeks-sm


The little outfit he wore won’t fit him again, but it makes me laugh because it says
“Mom says, ‘If you can read this change my diaper'”

In the past week Kaelen has been much more awake.  Some mornings he only cat-napped while he nursed and was awake and engaged from 10am until his “lunch” around 12:30pm.  His long blocks of sleep at night have begun lengthening and we now routinely get one block of four hours of sleep at night with a couple other two to three hour blocks.  I love feeling well rested!  This week Kaelen also gave us his first social smile!  He was hanging out in my lap and I was talking to him with a big smile on and he gave me the BIGGEST smile ever with complete eye contact!  I was able to snap a picture of it, and it is now set as the main photo on my phone.  Its amazing how one little smile can completely lift my mood when I look at that picture!  I’ll leave you with that picture here:

Kaelen's first smile

 ~ Erica