Four Months Today!

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Its time for another monthly update!  Enjoy the post and the many pictures!

Kaelen loves to play under his play gym and this month he began to reach out to touch, grab, or hit toys hanging from it!  He wiggles and scootches quite a bit while he is sleeping and on his tummy during tummy time.  He also accidentally rolled over (click to read post) on Friday.  Kaelen loves to grab our hands and put our fingers in his mouth and has started holding onto toys we give him and can put those in his mouth as well.  Due to his constant drooling, he wears a bib almost all the time so he likes to hold onto, chew, or stare at his bibs.  Kaelen is also getting more and more balanced.  He often sits with only slight support for balance – or he can hold onto our hands with his and manage to balance that way.  I think I mentioned previously that I work on him sitting alone and he’s gotten to where he can do that for about 10 seconds or so when he wants to.

Kaelen found his hands today!  I noticed him staring at them while he moved them a few times throughout the day so he is becoming more aware of what he is doing with them and seems to be intrigued by them.

In the area of sleep Kaelen slept for almost 9 hours straight one night this past week!  It was fantastic to wake up and realize that he was still sleeping!  I ended up waking him up because I had to get ready to leave and needed to feed him first, but wow nights like that are soooo refreshing!  Please join me in praying that he will adopt longer sleep cycles at night in a more permanent way.  Kaelen is currently taking about 4-5 naps per day depending on when he wakes up for the day.  They are usually 45-60 minutes, although sometimes he wakes up after a shorter period of time (like if he happens to nap in his car seat).  I know that the next couple of months will be formative of his sleep habits and that he will soon be consolidating to morning and afternoon naps.  I hope that the transition will be smooth and that we will be good at reading his cues for when he’s ready to make transitions in his schedule.

Kaelen had been sleeping in our bed with us, but once he began moving around in his sleep we transitioned him into the cradle that PawPaw (my grandfather) and one of my uncles made for my parents when I was born.  It sits right next to my side of the bed and is close enough that I can reach in to pat Kaelen’s back to soothe him if need be.  Its really awesome to have a piece of family history to use with my kids!  Hopefully Kaelen won’t outgrow it before he is sleeping all night since I’d like to keep him in the room with us until then- we’d like that to be by about 6 months or so…. but we will have to wait and see how he does!

This past week Kaelen also began sticking out his tongue.  Doug says it looks like he is tasting the air, but I have noticed that Kaelen does seem to do it alot when he is smiling at us or “playing”.  He also blows bubbles all the time which often cracks us up that he is so amused by that.

Kaelen continues to laugh easily and has gotten where he will belly laugh when we are playing with him….  What a joyful noise that is!   It makes my day just listening to him and soaking up his laugh!

Here are the pictures for this month. There were a bunch of good ones so I am posting a few more than usual.


Kaelen4Months018 Our BIG BOY!

Kaelen4Months077Big Smile for Mama

Kaelen4Months066“Oh you know… just hanging around”

Talking to Daddy

Kaelen4Months113Kaelen and me

A Serious Shot… but OH so cute!

Kaelen4Months095Sticking out his tongue for fun

~ Erica


Rolling Over…Sort of

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Today during tummy time Kaelen rolled over…. just not intentionally.  He was holding himself up on his arms and lost his balance and found himself on his back before he knew what was happening.  He looked rather surprised as it happened and as I cheered.  I did put him back on his tummy to see if he might repeat the action, but alas it was a one time thing. Unfortunately, because it happened so quickly I didn’t manage to capture a video, however I’m sure I will have plenty of opportunity when he starts rolling over for real!


~ Erica

One Year Ago…

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Today marks a very special anniversary for us, the day we found out that I was pregnant with Kaelen!  It was such an exciting day for me… I had looked forward to becoming a mom for so many years and on April 22nd 2012 that dream became a reality for me!  What a busy and wonderful year since then… Our lives really have changed!   I’m so thankful for Doug and the Daddy he has become as well as for our sweet baby boy!  I look forward to the many things this next year brings…

~ Erica

16 Weeks

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Here’s this week’s picture!   Kaelen looks like he’s pretty much even with the bear height wise….



Last weekend Doug and I went to a conference (April 12-14) and left Kaelen here with my sister Rachael (Noelle helped too!).  I knew from hearing other mothers talk that it would be hard to leave him… I just didn’t realize how hard until I started preparing at the beginning of the week.  I got teary just thinking about leaving him and when we pulled out I think I cried the first 20 minutes of our trip.  Thankfully Rachael was SUPER understanding and she sent me pictures and updates every few hours and we got on FaceTime every day to video chat.  I’m sure all the other moms reading this can totally relate… Kaelen was totally fine and I was the one who needed the hand-holding!  I think I never could’ve done it if I hadn’t been totally confident in him being cared for by the very best!  It really is a steep learning curve figuring out all the details, “What clothes/diapers/stuff will he need while I’m gone?”, “How much milk do I leave for Rachael to feed him?”, “How often do I need to pump while I’m gone?” I know I probably should have left him alone, but even though we returned at 1am Monday morning, I still picked him up and held him.  I got REALLY big smiles the next morning when we all woke up after sleeping in.  All I can say is that I’m SOOO glad that I’m not planning to leave him again for a good while!

This week has been slammed, Doug had to be gone all day a couple of days so I made it to my MOMs workout class twice and Yoga today.  I finally even posted Kaelen’s 15 week picture today which I somehow didn’t manage to post even though we took it on time.  I’m looking forward to a regular week next week.  This weekend is a big weekend as we are celebrating Sarah’s (Doug’s Sister) birthday Sunday,  Cousin Alex’s Birthday Saturday, and another family friend Saturday as well.  I am eagerly anticipating Sarah’s menu- Crepes mmmmmmm!

Here are a couple of other pictures from today:


Kaelen laughing while I kiss his neck


Kaelen16Weeks41Kaelen constantly has his finger(s), thumb, or whole fist in his mouth these days!


~ Erica

15 Weeks

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I’m posting this late because Doug and I traveled out of town Friday-Monday and I’ve been catching up all week.  I’m putting the post date for when Kaelen turned 15 weeks anyway though :).


On Sunday night Kaelen reached down and grabbed his pacifier and put it in his mouth by himself.  He has been sucking on his hands lots, and would chew on his pacifier if someone else held it for him. This is the first time he has intentionally grabbed something to put in his mouth and I was excited that I caught him doing it on camera! I am looking forward to him realizing he can reach and grab his toys, which until now he has been enjoying just looking at and talking to them.



~ Erica

Singing Love Songs to Mama

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One of the things that my best friend told me was that her nursing relationship with her daughter Lily has been truly special.  There’s a long back story that I won’t share here, but needless to say I’m delighted for her. As a result of watching what she went through I was really looking forward to experiencing the perks of nursing my own baby.  Other than a few minor concerns along the way that I feel like most mothers face like: “is my baby getting enough?”, “How do I know when to switch sides?”, and “when will he quit playing instead of eating when it’s time to nurse?” Our nursing relationship was pretty blessed and went well from the start.  Once Kaelen was a couple weeks old he began doing something that to this day is my favorite thing.  After he finishes nursing if he hasn’t fallen asleep while eating, he lays back in my arms or against the pillow and begins cooing, smiling, and carrying on all while staring up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes of his.  I refer to this as him “singing love songs to Mama”.  I can’t truly describe how it makes me feel but I fall in love with him all over again every time he does it.  The whole world disappears and he and I are alone in our moment together.  Anyway, I’ve been trying for a while to get a clip of him doing this on video so I thought I’d share a clip here for my memory (don’t worry everyone is fully clothed) since I know he won’t do this forever….

~ Erica





Pee matters….

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So for those of you who don’t want to read a funny story about bodily functions… you should stop reading today’s post here.


Still with me?  Well at the risk of sharing too much information I still want to share  a funny story.  I confess that my least favorite part of diapering little baby boys is their built in… sprinkler.  For whatever reason diaper changes seem to be the most optimal time for them to pee.  Haha!  I have adapted a system for dealing with Kaelen so as to not get sprayed, which usually involves keeping him completely covered at all times with his diaper, a cloth wipe, or a pre-fold(cloth diaper).  Doug also has a different system that works for him… So our systems USUALLY work.  But both of us have had accidents where Kaelen has peed on… well everything.  His changing table is next to the window in our bedroom so Kaelen has sprayed the blinds a couple times on my watch, as well as spraying me, the floor, the changing table…. well you get the picture.

On the instance that is worthy of me posting about it…. Kaelen sprayed… well himself. But not just anywhere… I don’t exactly know how, but while Doug changed him into his bedtime diaper on March 21st, Kaelen managed to spray directly onto his own  face…. in his eyes, nose, and best of all mouth.  He got SO MAD about it… Doug was laughing sooo hard he could hardly get Kaelen cleaned up so I had to go help.  I felt bad for my baby…  Hit him out of nowhere.  I can’t imagine how bad it tasted to him either.   I know one day he will connect the dots with the sensation of peeing etc.  but for now I know he had  no clue how it happened.  Once we got him all cleaned up and he finally stopped crying Doug and I had another laugh about the whole thing so I decided it was worth remembering.  Years from now I can hear it “Kaelen remember the time you peed in your own mouth…? hahaha”  Yeah I’m pretty sure he’s not going to want us to remember and tell this story… but oh well… after all I’m the one writing it all down!

Anyway… Hope at least a few of you enjoyed the story.  Leave me a comment if you did!

~ Erica

14 Weeks Old

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We had a busy weekend with a surprise 50th birthday party for Doug’s Uncle Jeff on Friday night and a baby shower that I planned and threw here at the house today so I’m late posting this week’s bear picture. The festivities were great fun, however it was crazy so I’m glad to be getting to bed soon to get some rest! I may post some about the shower later… but for now here’s this week’s picture:


I also was able to capture a cute picture of Kaelen smiling and blowing bubbles so here it is- and this picture shows off his chubby cheeks!


Last Picture for this week- Kaelen has started sitting up unsupported for a couple seconds at a time after we set him up. He is still working on the balancing thing and staying upright, but since he managed to stay up for a little while on Friday I snapped this photo. He also lets us know when he wants to be sitting/upright by crunching up and leaning forward if he is reclined. I know one day soon he will really be sitting on his own…


~ Erica

Kaelen’s Eyes

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I absolutely love watching my baby.. haha.. which mom doesn’t?  I think he’s beautiful and he changes constantly so there’s always something work observing.   One of my favorite things to do is watch his eyes and see what he is looking at.  Anyway one of the neatest things is that his eyes are a beautiful blue color (for now) except for his right eye which has a brown section…… I thought I’d share a picture of his eyes with you here.  I don’t know how normal it is for eyes to have sections of a completely different color and I don’t know if Kaelen’s eyes will stay the way they are or if they will continue to change. If anyone knows something more about eyes feel free to comment below!






~ Erica