Five Months Old

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Kaelen is five months old already!  Wow!  Its amazing how the time has flown by since he turned four months.  Enjoy this (overdue) update and the pictures and video included!

Kaelen’s new favorite toy is the ExerSaucer that Aunt Lauren (my best friend) gave him when Lily outgrew it.  It didn’t take him long to learn how to turn himself around to whichever toy he wants to play with.  At some point I’ll post a video of him playing with it.  It is hilarious when instead of reaching for and grabbing a toy with his hand he dives at it with his mouth… haha… I’m amused by the little things! Coordination for grabbing things is increasing – he went from diving at toys with his mouth all the time to being able to reach for and play with toys when he is laying or sitting with coordinated intentional movements.  He also grasps his hands together in front of himself during play or to bring an object to his mouth.

He has rolled from front to back in his crib while wearing his sleep sack.  He walks his feet up and gets his butt way up in the air until he rolls. He has done it on several occasions but doesn’t do it routinely or when he is playing during tummy time.  Instead he has learned to roll from back to front over his left shoulder!!!  He did it for the first time today!!!  It was super slow and took him a long time so I only got the clip from the very end of the process.  I was pretty excited as you will hear 🙂

Little Man is sitting for longer periods of time and does really well staying upright for 15-30 seconds at a time, especially if he is playing with a toy.  I’m not sure why that helps, but the concentration on something in his hands helps him stabilize from falling over to the back or sides.  I took a picture of him sitting when I took his pictures to share here. (see below)

Kaelen is currently taking 3 naps per day & sleeping from 9pm until around 6am when he eats.  I have really grown to love this schedule and am feeling soooo much more rested as a whole!  I knew this time would come eventually and I am so grateful!  I can’t say I even mind the wakeup to nurse since he goes back to sleep until a “better” wakeup time.  He has come a LONG way in the area of self soothing and falls asleep within 2-15 minutes of being laid down.

Kaelen is getting SO big!  He has been wearing 6 month clothes but its time to start pulling out the 9 month size outfits and onesies!  Its really interesting – many of the clothes we have been given are really “wide” for him and not long enough since he’s significantly more tall than fat.  He does have the cutest little leg rolls though!

People have started asking us frequently about teething and while I know that its around the corner we don’t have any signs or symptoms of it.  Kaelen’s primarily exploration of the world does continue to be through his mouth, and his drool is up and down in quantity on different days (mostly up!).

Kaelen has gotten to be where he is ALL about his Daddy!  He wants me some, but if Doug is in the room or talking he would rather be engaged with him.  It is so sweet to watch them together.  Kaelen loves flying in the air above Daddy’s head… Doug just has to dodge all of the drool that tends to “bomb” his face when they play airplane! 🙂

Little Man LOVES to belly laugh!   He thinks its hilarious when we pretend to “eat” his toes or tickle him with our hair against his face.  Raspberries on his belly are another laugh inducing activity and he likes those best during diaper changes after he wakes up.

Kaelen’s hair seems to be getting a bit lighter over time and looks like it has red highlights in some lights or in pictures.  It is continuing to grow but hasn’t filled in too much yet… I keep saying that one of these days we are going to trim the sides so they don’t look so rough… its just a matter of getting him to the stylist while he’s up between one of his naps which is a bit tricky since he is only awake for 1.5 hours at a time including diapering and feeding time which is usually the first 25 or so minutes after he wakes up.  We will get to it…. eventually 🙂

Kaelen realized he could screech in the past week or so.  He loves to hear his voice when he is playing and really gets going sometimes!   It is a “fun” noise for him so we always know when he wakes up happy if he’s making those types of sounds.  Doug has taken a couple short video clips of him trying to get one of him screeching and playing but we haven’t got one we like yet… I’m sure we will get one soon.

Our friends often comment about what a happy, easy going baby Kaelen is… and now that he is well rested and has a routine that is working for him (and us) he really is!   He only ever gets worked up if he’s hungry and doesn’t think I’m feeding him fast enough or sometimes when we put his sleep sack on him and he’s not ready to go to sleep yet.  Its always fun to hear other people’s compliments… but we truly feel blessed.

Hope you enjoy the pictures this month… I took a bunch!

Kaelen 5 Months078
A little Laugh

Kaelen 5 Months096
Oh ya know… just Chillin’

Kaelen 5 Months131
“What do you mean you’re not holding me here?!?”

Behind the Scenes- this is how I get those smiles and laughs

Kaelen 5 Months054 copy

Kaelen 5 Months077

Some Seriously Adorable Pictures of Kaelen with His Daddy

Kaelen 5 Months008
“Daddy that TICKLES!!!”

Kaelen 5 Months009Cheesin’

I love Kaelen’s eyes in these two!

Kaelen 5 Months012 copy Kaelen 5 Months016 copy

Last but not least, here’s the video of Kaelen rolling over that I mentioned earlier in the post.  It is the last little bit of the roll since he was doing the first part for a long time, I didn’t know that he would get all the way over this time.  I get a little animated in this clip, but come on… it is exciting stuff!

~ Erica

20 Weeks

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This week brought a big change! Kaelen moved into the nursery full time this week. The reason we decided to go ahead and move him is that it is significantly easier to let him talk/cry it out overnight when he’s not in the room with us.  The monitor can be turned down and doors closed this way.  I still wake up when I hear him stirring around and can’t fall asleep till after he goes back to sleep, but Doug is able to sleep better so that’s a plus.  I know this part of sleep training won’t last much longer and that Kaelen will learn to stay asleep except for his 4-6am feeding. Kaelen is still figuring out about staying asleep during his naps as well.  Sometimes he will sleep 1.5 hours, other times he wakes up at 30-45 minutes and has to work it out for a bit before he returns to sleep.  A couple of times this week the total time he’s slept during a nap has exceeded 2 hours (with a little crying in the early part).  It will be great once we figure out how long Kaelen needs to nap and he regulates a bit.  For now we just make sure we get him back down for his next nap within 1.5-2 hours and that’s really all we can plan on.

Kaelen also started using the exersaucer Lauren loaned to us with a little pillow under his feet to make sure he could support his own weight standing (since it can be bad for a baby’s hips/pelvis to dangle from that style of seat).  He LOVES it.  I’ll post pictures or video of it at some point down the road.  Kaelen has also started enjoying sitting in his high chair to play with toys on the tray now that he is more stable seated.  He is sitting unsupported for about 5 seconds at a time (if he wants to when we try it), and will sit in the high chair for 15 minutes or so playing independently.

We weighed Kaelen this week because we didn’t have any idea what ballpark he was in (other than “heavy”) and when I stand on the scale with then without Kaelen we arrived at about 18.5lbs…. he’s getting to be a BIG boy! Don’t know how tall he is… I’ll measure one of these days!

Here are this week’s pictures!  Enjoy!

“Pat the bear”

Kaelen20Weeks32The boy & the bear in the nursery

~ Erica

Mother’s Day 2013

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What an adventure becoming a mother has been and I know it has just begun!  Thinking about Mother’s day coming I was only too aware of how much I appreciate my Mama (Kaelen’s Nana) and Doug’s mother (Kaelen’s Grandma) for all they did raising us and all they do now as mothers and grandmothers.  Just the thought of how much I treasure my little one is enough to get my eyes misting…  Oh well I’m a softy!

After we all slept in, I spent some time playing with and snuggling Kaelen.  When he got up from his morning nap, we left to spend time with Doug’s family for the afternoon.  Nicole & I went to a really great yoga class and then joined the rest of the family for dinner.  It is fun to have three generations of mothers in the family and special to all be together.  Grandma Race really LOVES talking to Kaelen, holding him, and getting him to smile and laugh.  I love seeing the joy he brings… such a sweet and happy little boy!

Doug surprised me with roses, one red one from him, and a second orange one from Kaelen.  He also wrote me a very sweet card (that made me cry- happy tears though!).  The cards I received from my parents and my in-laws were really special to… Its nice to hear their reflections on my “becoming” as a mother.  (Thank you all – your words mean so much).

I was also blessed by many friends who took time to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day…  It is special to be remembered by all of you and I appreciate the calls, texts, and posts.  A real treat at the end of the day was a surprise visit from my best friend!  I didn’t expect to get to see Lauren until sometime in June so I was delighted to see her arrive at the top of the steps with two pints of Ben & Jerry’s – oh she knows me so well!  Lots of great “mom” conversation haha!   I can’t wait to see you and spend a few days together (I hope!)

Here are a few pictures to document my first Mother’s Day with Kaelen.  Thanks to Doug for taking these!

MothersDay201318 MothersDay201308 MothersDay201313 ~ Erica

19 Weeks Old!

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Lots of changes this week due to starting sleep training with Kaelen on Sunday.  The week prior he had gone on a nap strike two different days and I reached my “breaking point” because I knew he wasn’t getting anywhere near the amount of sleep that he needs for healthy development.  I’m SOOO thankful for my best friend Lauren and the sleep book that she recommended while I was still pregnant: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth M.D.  After re-reading the appropriate chapters (5 & 6) Lauren gave me some awesome application advice (since she has done sleep training with many children).

We decided on Kaelen’s nap time/night time routine which consists of:
1) Turning on piano music for naps/sleep machine for nighttime
2) Putting Kaelen in his sleep sack
3) Patting his back for naps or rocking in the glider at night
4) Nursing at night or if Kaelen asks (via rooting) at nap time
5) Placing Kaelen in his cradle or crib while he is settled and doing “long blinks” but not asleep so that he learns to put himself to sleep

We also decided to let him “cry it out” (extinction method), but we monitor him with our video monitor.  There have only been a few tough moments…  Mostly Kaelen cries for a very short time (if at all) before falling asleep.  The toughest part has been when he wakes up too soon during a nap or at night and we let him cry until he falls back to sleep.  The longest period of time that he’s cried thus far at night was 40 minutes, but he did cry an entire hour instead of napping one day.  It seems like he does a little better and sleeps a little more each day.  The schedule so far is up at 9am, naps at 11am, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm bedtime. At this point Kaelen is waking to eat once per night between 4am-6am and goes back to sleep until around 9am.  Once Kaelen isn’t waking during naps and overnight (except to nurse) we will see what his natural schedule ends up being.

In other news Kaelen is starting to initiate rolling to his side from his back and now reaches for/grabs toys and holds them while playing, and holds things in his mouth to chew on them on a regular basis.  I’m looking forward to capturing video of Kaelen rolling over soon….

Here are pictures for this week!



This picture is to show how tall Kaelen is getting!  We tried to capture this last week, but Kaelen wouldn’t stand up facing forward so we were able to get Kaelen to cooperate today.  He loves to stand up in our laps or holding on to our fingers and his balance is getting pretty good!  (Daddy was standing just to the left of Kaelen to catch if needed).


~ Erica