6 Months & 26 Weeks

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I can hardly believe our little warrior has been here for half a year already!  Its mind boggling as I think about how much Kaelen has grown and changed in such a short period of time.  Since this post is both on a Friday and on a month anniversary I am only doing the one post.  All the weekly and monthly pictures will be at the bottom of the post.

I’ll start with Kaelen’s stats: He weighs more than 19 pounds but we don’t really know by how much, his height is 30 inches, and he has grown into 9 month size clothes.

One big development is Kaelen’s first tooth emerged last Saturday (June 22nd).  It is the left center tooth on the bottom.  The best part about this tooth’s arrival is that it came without causing much fuss.  Other than having been very drooly for awhile now Kaelen didn’t have any other symptoms of teething.  I certainly hope that he continues to have an easy time with incoming teeth.  The other bottom center tooth is on the way out any day now.  Once enough of the tooth is showing to get a picture I will, but thus far its impossible to get a picture of.

On Monday night (June 24) we took Kaelen to get his first haircut.  I know most people wait longer to cut their baby’s hair, however the long sections by his ears were constantly sticking to his face, getting in his eyes, and just generally looked scraggly…so we decided to go ahead and cut it.  I’m amazed at how much of a difference it made!  He still has little old man hair, but at least its a better shape now!  One day it will fill in… for now at least its cuter 🙂

Kaelen now sits for more extended periods of time on our laps or on a blanket while playing with a toy  (click here to see video I posted) but eventually falls over after awhile or when he’s “done”.  I would estimate he’s sat un-aided for possibly 5 minutes or more.  He sat under the play gym and held onto it/played with the toys from that perspective and seems to really be enjoying playing in the seated position.  This week we also got out the baby piano and the first block set and thus far he LOVES banging on the piano.

Little man is able to rock back and forth on his hands and knees.  This often results in him lunging and scooting around.  Today Kaelen did something that surprised us both because of the strength it takes; he picked himself up on his toes and hands….it looked alot like the yoga pose “downward facing dog”. I love it that there’s so much growing and changing!  Its exciting every day to see what he’s going to do next!

On Sunday Kaelen actually lunged/scooted/rolled across our bed to get to me about 3 different times.  It is so neat to see how he is purposely attempting to move himself to get places!  It seems like he could start crawling anytime he wants to but there are definitely a couple pieces he still has to figure out, like releasing his hand from the floor and reaching forward.  We realize with his new mobility that it is time to get the safety gates put up so that project is now on the short list to get done ASAP.

Kaelen is still taking three naps per day most days and is sleeping as much as 12-14 hours at night.  Most nights Kaelen has still been waking up to eat around 6am, but three times this past week he slept all the way through until 8am!  I am pleased with him naturally lengthening out his sleep, but eventually really hope that he will keep his routine “wakeup” time at 9am. (Hey I can hope even if it may not be realistic!) Kaelen loves to roll around and scoot in his crib when he’s supposed to be falling asleep at nap time or bed time which means that he often takes 30-60 minutes to go to sleep when I put him down… even when I make sure to put him down as soon as he starts showing signs of being tired.  I can put the baby in the crib, but I can’t MAKE him sleep….  Kaelen’s naps are continuing to range from 45 minutes-1.5 hours each.

Kaelen really wants to experience his whole world through his mouth.  He’s been able to pickup toys to chew on for a while, but this month he really has wanted to put EVERYTHING he sees and is interested in into his mouth.  He’s fascinated with anything we are holding, what we are doing, and ESPECIALLY our food and drinks think he’s even tried to chew on the mirror and the wall! On June 4th Kaelen “found” his toes and has since gotten where he will either bend all the way over to chew on them or pick them up to investigate or chew on.  Since he got that first tooth in he does seem to be more careful about chewing on his hands/feet from the sides of his mouth.

Little Man continues to nurse about six times each day and now that he has turned six months we plan to start him working on solid foods.  We are planning to use Baby Led Weaning, which essentially means that we will put large pieces of easy to grab foods (e.g. carrots, toast “fingers”) for him to learn to pick up and put in his mouth to gnaw on.  This method teaches him to feed himself, and to gnaw/chew on foods before he learns to swallow them.  Since he still gets all the nutrition he needs from nursing there’s no pressure on the amount of solid food he gets.  Another advantage to this way is that he won’t get used to the pureed consistency of most baby foods since he will be experiencing many textures right from the very beginning.  I’ll be sure to post lots along the way!

Kaelen 6 months 26 weeks87_1

Kaelen 6 months 26 weeks34

Kaelen 6 months 26 weeks53


Behind the Scenes:

Kaelen 6 months 26 weeks81

Here are a few “Outtakes”

Kaelen 6 months 26 weeks37_1

Kaelen 6 months 26 weeks63

Kaelen 6 months 26 weeks44

~ Erica


Sitting Video

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Here is a video clip of Kaelen sitting unsupported and playing with Sophie the Giraffe which is one of his favorite toys.  I took this video when I realized how long he was sitting unsupported now!   He sits for long periods of time with no help on our laps and usually once a day will sit unsupported for awhile on the floor as well!  How much it has changed since he first started sitting for just an instant while I snapped a picture!


~ Erica

25 Weeks

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This week was a big week for celebrations with Doug.  We celebrated his first Father’s Day Sunday and his birthday on Monday!  Because we had traveled Saturday we kept both days low key but we did enjoy our family time together those two days.  I find myself just cherishing lots of the little moments along the way and the time the three of us spend playing, cuddling, and being together are so special.  Tonight (Friday) we had friends and family over to celebrate Doug’s birthday with fellowship and dessert.  Kaelen provided entertainment and was quite willing to be passed around to visit with everyone.  At one point while he was playing with his Aunt Caryn she had him belly laughing at something… too cute!  After Kaelen went to bed we enjoyed the cake and homemade chocolate pudding.

Kaelen finally started rolling over his right shoulder from back to front.  He had been rolling over for a long time so I was just waiting to see when he would roll over to the other side!  The first time he did it was on Father’s Day and I managed to catch it on video.  This video is a much better video of him rolling all the way over, unlike the video of when he first rolled over since that one was just the last little bit of the roll.


Kaelen 25 Weeks


~ Erica


Father’s Day 2013

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I shared this with Doug on Sunday, but want to also share here.  Kaelen and I are both so blessed by the father that Doug has, and is becoming.  I always knew in my heart that Doug would make an amazing father, but I never really saw him interact at all with babies.  Once they were talking, playing, running, etc. he has always been very easily engaged.  So I didn’t really know what to expect… until Kaelen arrived.  Doug is the most observant, sweet, and engaged father of a young baby!  He has far surpassed any expectations or hopes I had for how he would be with our baby.  He often stops what he’s doing (work related) for a few minutes to talk and play with Kaelen.  He studies everything about our little warrior and is able to point out subtle things about how Kaelen is changing, or what he needs… Sometimes even before I realize what’s going on he’s jumped in and taken care of a need.

In Kaelen’s first few weeks of life, Doug always got up with me at the night feedings to change Kaelen’s diaper, bring him to me, and assist me with anything I needed.  Even still he wakes up when Kaelen does at around 6am to go get him for me so I can use the bathroom, get a drink, and get propped on my pillows.  Sometimes he even waits for Kaelen to finish eating and returns him to the crib in the nursery.  I’m one spoiled Mama!

One of Doug’s favorite times is when Kaelen is first waking up… Doug tries to “sneak” into the nursery  without Kaelen seeing him and wait for Kaelen to notice he’s there.  As soon as Kaelen spots Daddy he gets a HUGE smile on his face and starts wiggling every part of his little body!  IT’S SO CUTE!  Recently Kaelen has gotten to be more about Daddy even when I’m holding him or talking to him, he may only have eyes for Daddy.  During play times he often waits for Doug’s reaction to a toy or noise to make sure its ok to laugh or smile about it.  I know that this is only the start of him checking out Daddy to see how he’s doing and I LOVE how close their connection is already.

Here are a few pictures and a video of Doug and Kaelen.  Kaelen’s onesie reads “Game Changer” and I thought it was so appropriate for the day since he has changed our lives so very much!

Father'sDay201345Kaelen Loves to Ride on Daddy’s Shoulders

Father'sDay201340Laughing at Daddy


Kaelen LOOOOVES to look at himself in the mirror so it’s something that he and Doug do together every day


Father'sDay201374What?!? It’s not supposed to fit in my mouth?!!

Here’s the video I mentioned, I sure do love watching Doug and Kaelen play together!

I am so blessed by Doug as my husband and father of our son-  Happy Father’s Day Sweetheart!

~ Erica

24 Weeks

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I have to admit that I am so grateful that I can back-date posts to the day they are supposed to have been published when I don’t get around to it in a timely way! We spent a ton of time with family and away from the house this week so I’ll cite that as my reason why :).

Here’s the pictures for Kaelen this week.


Kaelen 24 Weeks


I almost selected this for the weekly picture, but decided I wanted to show one where he was looking toward the camera:

Kaelen 24 Weeks18

So excited by bear this week!

Kaelen 24 Weeks22

“Look Mama I got the bear!”



~ Erica

23 Weeks

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The big news this week is that on Tuesday Kaelen found his feet! Here’s a picture of him playing with his foot on Wednesday:



Here is this week’s bear picture, but I’ve also included a few other fun pictures from this week!

Kaelen 23 Weeks06



Kaelen 23 Weeks02Cheesin’ with Mama!


Kaelen 23 Weeks22
“I’ll get you bear!”


Kaelen 23 Weeks47
Kaelen grabbing bear, he wants to play with bear anytime we take pictures

~ Erica