52 Weeks

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This post brings an end to the weekly “Bear Picture” series.  I realized that some of the weeks pictures haven’t been posted to the blog just yet, but I did take them and I’m planning to get them posted soon.  I have been so glad that I decided to take the pictures and I only missed one week when Kaelen wasn’t feeling well for pretty much a whole week (week 43).  The plan is to continue to take a monthly picture with bear since Kaelen has outgrown the laundry basket.  I may not attempt to post as frequently as I did (attempt) to post this first year, but my goal is to actually get my posts up in a more timely manner going forward than actually happened the last part of this year 🙂

So with fanfare ::drumroll please:: and a little tear in my eyes here is the final weekly bear picture:

Kaelen 52 Weeks17


Since it was the last week I couldn’t only post one picture so here’s a few more.


Kaelen 52 Weeks29Kaelen Loves to Hug Bear or Knock Him Over When We Take Pictures.
(This happened pretty much every week since he was able to move Bear)

And since this was Kaelen’s First Christmas earlier in the week and we were given this cute Santa hat (thank you Aunt Nicole!) here are a couple festive pictures of Kaelen and Bear.

Kaelen 52 Weeks42 Kaelen 52 Weeks48

~ Erica