52 Weeks

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This post brings an end to the weekly “Bear Picture” series.  I realized that some of the weeks pictures haven’t been posted to the blog just yet, but I did take them and I’m planning to get them posted soon.  I have been so glad that I decided to take the pictures and I only missed one week when Kaelen wasn’t feeling well for pretty much a whole week (week 43).  The plan is to continue to take a monthly picture with bear since Kaelen has outgrown the laundry basket.  I may not attempt to post as frequently as I did (attempt) to post this first year, but my goal is to actually get my posts up in a more timely manner going forward than actually happened the last part of this year 🙂

So with fanfare ::drumroll please:: and a little tear in my eyes here is the final weekly bear picture:

Kaelen 52 Weeks17


Since it was the last week I couldn’t only post one picture so here’s a few more.


Kaelen 52 Weeks29Kaelen Loves to Hug Bear or Knock Him Over When We Take Pictures.
(This happened pretty much every week since he was able to move Bear)

And since this was Kaelen’s First Christmas earlier in the week and we were given this cute Santa hat (thank you Aunt Nicole!) here are a couple festive pictures of Kaelen and Bear.

Kaelen 52 Weeks42 Kaelen 52 Weeks48

~ Erica

33 Weeks

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Kaelen’s favorite thing to say BY FAR is “Bababa” but he does throw in an occasional”Mamama” “Dadada” or a “Wah” in the middle of a string of sounds. Its hilarious too because sometimes he’ll move his mouth like he is saying “Bababa” but the only sound is a smacking noise from his lips. He’s very conversational as well and often will start talking to us if we look at him and tell him, “ah bababa ba”.

We went to the pool last Friday and on Wenesday this week with friends and Kaelen absolutely LOVES kicking & splashing, & playing in the water. Ever since we visited Lauren & Lily in Atlanta we have also been working on holding his breath while I dunk him under water. The first couple times we practice at each visit to the pool he makes noises after but by the third of fourth time he comes up with a grin.

This week we visited Steve & Brittany at their lake home so naturally we took the bear with us for our Friday picture.  Since it was so picturesque we took Kaelen’s picture down on the dock and stayed down there to play a bit.  Kaelen also took his first (2) boat rides in a motor boat.  He LOVED it, even with the wind in his face.  Doug and I love it that Kaelen seems to truly be a “water baby”!

Brittany’s two dogs Roxy (mommy dog) & puppy, Bullet (a terrier mix) was super sweet and ADORED Kaelen.  He was smaller than Kaelen so I let them play together on the floor.  Bullet did like to give kisses more than I liked, but it gave Kaelen a perfect opportunity to spend time with a puppy.  Bullet liked to come and roll over right in front of Kaelen to be petted or just snuggle up next to him.  Both dogs were very patient with Kaelen as well and let him crawl after them and pet them as much as he wanted.  One really funny story: while Brittany & I were fixing dinner the two dogs gathered all of their toys right in front of Kaelen because they wanted him to play with them, so Kaelen obliged by joining in gnawing on one of the doggie bones!!!! I wish now I had thought to take a picture before I snatched the bone out of his hands!  We had a blast visiting and I’m looking forward to the next time!

Enjoy this week’s Bear picture!



Swinging by the lake



Eating his favorite Tonka Truck


~ Erica

32 Weeks

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Without realizing it I dressed Kaelen in the same outfit as he was wearing last Friday!  LOL!  At least it’s a cute one!  Doug took a few pictures of Kaelen playing on the floor before we took his weekly picture so I included a couple of those.  Kaelen is now crawling about 4-5 movements at a time before he flops on the floor.  He’s learning so quickly!






~ Erica


31 Weeks and Visiting with Lauren & Lily

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This week we were able to go to Atlanta to get in a much needed visit with Lauren and Lily while Doug went onsite to work with a client of his down there.  It was fantastic to get a nice long visit with Lauren since I really haven’t seen her since she came to Charlotte several months ago.  We mostly spent time just chilling with Kaelen & Lily playing on the floor or talking while they napped.  We did take the two of them swimming after Lily’s nap on Thursday and I got to see Lily put her ISR swim techniques to use floating on her back and swimming to the edge of the pool.  Lauren showed me how to work with Kaelen on holding his breath when he goes underwater and by the end of the pool time he could do it without swallowing any water or sputtering when he came out of the water.

Thursday night Lauren took me out for Sushi!  It was sooo yummy but the best part was uninterrupted girl time! We talked about everything under the sun and just relaxed.  We ordered a few rolls to start and after we polished them off in short order, we put in a second order.  I think our favorite roll had eel, avocado, & shrimp tempura in it.  We sat at the bar so we were able to watch the sushi chef work and it was super quiet in the restaurant… just perfect!

We had to leave Friday afternoon to head home and the visit was over too quickly!   This week we borrowed the chair Lauren always took Lily’s weekly pictures in all year last year.  Lily waited for us to get Kaelen’s picture and then jumped in to get some pictures with Kaelen and the bear.   Enjoy these pictures!









~ Erica