20 Weeks

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This week brought a big change! Kaelen moved into the nursery full time this week. The reason we decided to go ahead and move him is that it is significantly easier to let him talk/cry it out overnight when he’s not in the room with us.  The monitor can be turned down and doors closed this way.  I still wake up when I hear him stirring around and can’t fall asleep till after he goes back to sleep, but Doug is able to sleep better so that’s a plus.  I know this part of sleep training won’t last much longer and that Kaelen will learn to stay asleep except for his 4-6am feeding. Kaelen is still figuring out about staying asleep during his naps as well.  Sometimes he will sleep 1.5 hours, other times he wakes up at 30-45 minutes and has to work it out for a bit before he returns to sleep.  A couple of times this week the total time he’s slept during a nap has exceeded 2 hours (with a little crying in the early part).  It will be great once we figure out how long Kaelen needs to nap and he regulates a bit.  For now we just make sure we get him back down for his next nap within 1.5-2 hours and that’s really all we can plan on.

Kaelen also started using the exersaucer Lauren loaned to us with a little pillow under his feet to make sure he could support his own weight standing (since it can be bad for a baby’s hips/pelvis to dangle from that style of seat).  He LOVES it.  I’ll post pictures or video of it at some point down the road.  Kaelen has also started enjoying sitting in his high chair to play with toys on the tray now that he is more stable seated.  He is sitting unsupported for about 5 seconds at a time (if he wants to when we try it), and will sit in the high chair for 15 minutes or so playing independently.

We weighed Kaelen this week because we didn’t have any idea what ballpark he was in (other than “heavy”) and when I stand on the scale with then without Kaelen we arrived at about 18.5lbs…. he’s getting to be a BIG boy! Don’t know how tall he is… I’ll measure one of these days!

Here are this week’s pictures!  Enjoy!

“Pat the bear”

Kaelen20Weeks32The boy & the bear in the nursery

~ Erica