Kaelen is 11 Weeks!

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As much as I am soaking in EVERY possible moment with Kaelen, it seems every time I blink he’s changed in some way.  I can’t even count how many times people have told me to cherish the time I have while he is little and I sure am doing my best.  Doug and I were comparing weekly pictures and noticed how big a difference there is between weeks 8 and 10…  There are even days we notice how different he is than the day prior.  I have a couple posts with videos that I hope to get up this week at least one having to do with a new milestone but I’ll leave the topics as a surprise.

One thing that has changed recently is that Kaelen can sit upright propped only from behind.  This is much better now than it used to be, which has made taking his weekly picture MUCH easier!  Once we sit him in the chair we only have to adjust him slightly if he changes position rather than being on guard every second to keep him from falling sidewise and hitting his head.  I still prefer that Doug help me to take the pictures because he is so good at keeping Kaelen focusing his eyes towards the camera and getting him to smile, but in a pinch Kaelen and I have done the pictures alone (like for the 9 week pictures).

Another HUGE first is that Kaelen has slept more than 6 hours consecutively on two different occasions in the past week!  Doug and I are so pleased and are feeling much better rested in general.  Kaelen is not yet consistently sleeping that length of time every night, but it is becoming more frequent that he sleeps at least five hours. We know more consistent sleep patterns are right around the corner!  I know I wrote about sleep last week too, but its a big deal to us :).

For the picture this week Kaelen is wearing an adorable classic outfit that was a gift from Doug’s Aunt Corinne:


I love how big his smile is in this one 🙂

I couldn’t resist sticking another one in here too… I think he looks really tall from this angle.


On a side note, Doug and I are excited because all of the cloth diapers have arrived and we have been using them for several days!  We have 24 Bum Genius 4.0 Pockets with microfiber inserts and 18 Sun Baby Pockets with bamboo inserts as well as some Thirsties Duo inserts that we use as doublers for overnight diapers.  We are still figuring out what combination of things work best for which time of day, but are so pleased with the new diaper stash because Kaelen was wetting through multiple diapers and outfits per day while we were still using the fitteds and the covers (they worked great for him as a newborn though).  Now, we are happy to report that he is staying SUPER dry and can go a bit longer between diaper changes. I’ll be posting more on the cloth diapering experience and what all I have learned later on- but you can click the links above to see the diapers if you’re at all interested. Stay tuned for more….

~ Erica