Kaelen’s First Easter

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First of all- Happy Easter!   Jesus Christ is Risen!   My wish for all of you is that you not only have a personal relationship with Jesus and that you know the power of his blood in your life.


Today we celebrated Easter as a family, but with lots of friends!   We are truly blessed to have many close friends and family who not only lift us up and encourage us, but who share our same faith and values.  We ate a feast that everyone brought a little something to contribute to.  Then we played Mafia & Three in a Hat.  I think my favorite part is all the laughs!  Here are some fun pictures from our gathering today:

From Left: Becky, Bethany, Carlee, Me, Macie, Leslie, Jessica & Makenna


From Left: Frank, Doug & Kaelen, Greg, Alex, Scott, & Phil

~ Erica