Father’s Day 2013

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I shared this with Doug on Sunday, but want to also share here.  Kaelen and I are both so blessed by the father that Doug has, and is becoming.  I always knew in my heart that Doug would make an amazing father, but I never really saw him interact at all with babies.  Once they were talking, playing, running, etc. he has always been very easily engaged.  So I didn’t really know what to expect… until Kaelen arrived.  Doug is the most observant, sweet, and engaged father of a young baby!  He has far surpassed any expectations or hopes I had for how he would be with our baby.  He often stops what he’s doing (work related) for a few minutes to talk and play with Kaelen.  He studies everything about our little warrior and is able to point out subtle things about how Kaelen is changing, or what he needs… Sometimes even before I realize what’s going on he’s jumped in and taken care of a need.

In Kaelen’s first few weeks of life, Doug always got up with me at the night feedings to change Kaelen’s diaper, bring him to me, and assist me with anything I needed.  Even still he wakes up when Kaelen does at around 6am to go get him for me so I can use the bathroom, get a drink, and get propped on my pillows.  Sometimes he even waits for Kaelen to finish eating and returns him to the crib in the nursery.  I’m one spoiled Mama!

One of Doug’s favorite times is when Kaelen is first waking up… Doug tries to “sneak” into the nursery  without Kaelen seeing him and wait for Kaelen to notice he’s there.  As soon as Kaelen spots Daddy he gets a HUGE smile on his face and starts wiggling every part of his little body!  IT’S SO CUTE!  Recently Kaelen has gotten to be more about Daddy even when I’m holding him or talking to him, he may only have eyes for Daddy.  During play times he often waits for Doug’s reaction to a toy or noise to make sure its ok to laugh or smile about it.  I know that this is only the start of him checking out Daddy to see how he’s doing and I LOVE how close their connection is already.

Here are a few pictures and a video of Doug and Kaelen.  Kaelen’s onesie reads “Game Changer” and I thought it was so appropriate for the day since he has changed our lives so very much!

Father'sDay201345Kaelen Loves to Ride on Daddy’s Shoulders

Father'sDay201340Laughing at Daddy


Kaelen LOOOOVES to look at himself in the mirror so it’s something that he and Doug do together every day


Father'sDay201374What?!? It’s not supposed to fit in my mouth?!!

Here’s the video I mentioned, I sure do love watching Doug and Kaelen play together!

I am so blessed by Doug as my husband and father of our son-  Happy Father’s Day Sweetheart!

~ Erica