Five Weeks Old!

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My Baby Boy is getting SOOO BIG! In the past week he has passed the twelve pound mark, and is already getting to tall for his co-sleeper that he uses in our bed.  Here is his weekly picture:

Kaelen 5 weeks-sm


The little outfit he wore won’t fit him again, but it makes me laugh because it says
“Mom says, ‘If you can read this change my diaper'”

In the past week Kaelen has been much more awake.  Some mornings he only cat-napped while he nursed and was awake and engaged from 10am until his “lunch” around 12:30pm.  His long blocks of sleep at night have begun lengthening and we now routinely get one block of four hours of sleep at night with a couple other two to three hour blocks.  I love feeling well rested!  This week Kaelen also gave us his first social smile!  He was hanging out in my lap and I was talking to him with a big smile on and he gave me the BIGGEST smile ever with complete eye contact!  I was able to snap a picture of it, and it is now set as the main photo on my phone.  Its amazing how one little smile can completely lift my mood when I look at that picture!  I’ll leave you with that picture here:

Kaelen's first smile

 ~ Erica