16 Weeks

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Here’s this week’s picture!   Kaelen looks like he’s pretty much even with the bear height wise….



Last weekend Doug and I went to a conference (April 12-14) and left Kaelen here with my sister Rachael (Noelle helped too!).  I knew from hearing other mothers talk that it would be hard to leave him… I just didn’t realize how hard until I started preparing at the beginning of the week.  I got teary just thinking about leaving him and when we pulled out I think I cried the first 20 minutes of our trip.  Thankfully Rachael was SUPER understanding and she sent me pictures and updates every few hours and we got on FaceTime every day to video chat.  I’m sure all the other moms reading this can totally relate… Kaelen was totally fine and I was the one who needed the hand-holding!  I think I never could’ve done it if I hadn’t been totally confident in him being cared for by the very best!  It really is a steep learning curve figuring out all the details, “What clothes/diapers/stuff will he need while I’m gone?”, “How much milk do I leave for Rachael to feed him?”, “How often do I need to pump while I’m gone?” I know I probably should have left him alone, but even though we returned at 1am Monday morning, I still picked him up and held him.  I got REALLY big smiles the next morning when we all woke up after sleeping in.  All I can say is that I’m SOOO glad that I’m not planning to leave him again for a good while!

This week has been slammed, Doug had to be gone all day a couple of days so I made it to my MOMs workout class twice and Yoga today.  I finally even posted Kaelen’s 15 week picture today which I somehow didn’t manage to post even though we took it on time.  I’m looking forward to a regular week next week.  This weekend is a big weekend as we are celebrating Sarah’s (Doug’s Sister) birthday Sunday,  Cousin Alex’s Birthday Saturday, and another family friend Saturday as well.  I am eagerly anticipating Sarah’s menu- Crepes mmmmmmm!

Here are a couple of other pictures from today:


Kaelen laughing while I kiss his neck


Kaelen16Weeks41Kaelen constantly has his finger(s), thumb, or whole fist in his mouth these days!


~ Erica