Pee matters….

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So for those of you who don’t want to read a funny story about bodily functions… you should stop reading today’s post here.


Still with me?  Well at the risk of sharing too much information I still want to share  a funny story.  I confess that my least favorite part of diapering little baby boys is their built in… sprinkler.  For whatever reason diaper changes seem to be the most optimal time for them to pee.  Haha!  I have adapted a system for dealing with Kaelen so as to not get sprayed, which usually involves keeping him completely covered at all times with his diaper, a cloth wipe, or a pre-fold(cloth diaper).  Doug also has a different system that works for him… So our systems USUALLY work.  But both of us have had accidents where Kaelen has peed on… well everything.  His changing table is next to the window in our bedroom so Kaelen has sprayed the blinds a couple times on my watch, as well as spraying me, the floor, the changing table…. well you get the picture.

On the instance that is worthy of me posting about it…. Kaelen sprayed… well himself. But not just anywhere… I don’t exactly know how, but while Doug changed him into his bedtime diaper on March 21st, Kaelen managed to spray directly onto his own  face…. in his eyes, nose, and best of all mouth.  He got SO MAD about it… Doug was laughing sooo hard he could hardly get Kaelen cleaned up so I had to go help.  I felt bad for my baby…  Hit him out of nowhere.  I can’t imagine how bad it tasted to him either.   I know one day he will connect the dots with the sensation of peeing etc.  but for now I know he had  no clue how it happened.  Once we got him all cleaned up and he finally stopped crying Doug and I had another laugh about the whole thing so I decided it was worth remembering.  Years from now I can hear it “Kaelen remember the time you peed in your own mouth…? hahaha”  Yeah I’m pretty sure he’s not going to want us to remember and tell this story… but oh well… after all I’m the one writing it all down!

Anyway… Hope at least a few of you enjoyed the story.  Leave me a comment if you did!

~ Erica