Singing Love Songs to Mama

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One of the things that my best friend told me was that her nursing relationship with her daughter Lily has been truly special.  There’s a long back story that I won’t share here, but needless to say I’m delighted for her. As a result of watching what she went through I was really looking forward to experiencing the perks of nursing my own baby.  Other than a few minor concerns along the way that I feel like most mothers face like: “is my baby getting enough?”, “How do I know when to switch sides?”, and “when will he quit playing instead of eating when it’s time to nurse?” Our nursing relationship was pretty blessed and went well from the start.  Once Kaelen was a couple weeks old he began doing something that to this day is my favorite thing.  After he finishes nursing if he hasn’t fallen asleep while eating, he lays back in my arms or against the pillow and begins cooing, smiling, and carrying on all while staring up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes of his.  I refer to this as him “singing love songs to Mama”.  I can’t truly describe how it makes me feel but I fall in love with him all over again every time he does it.  The whole world disappears and he and I are alone in our moment together.  Anyway, I’ve been trying for a while to get a clip of him doing this on video so I thought I’d share a clip here for my memory (don’t worry everyone is fully clothed) since I know he won’t do this forever….

~ Erica