7 Months Old!

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This has been a busy and exciting month!  We are really enjoying this phase because Kaelen is doing something new almost daily and it is so neat to watch him as he figures new things out.  Sometimes we can almost see what he’s thinking… it’s so cool!

Kaelen is purposely moving pretty much wherever he wants and has begun moving faster. He can get all the way across the room rather quickly, and will if take off if he sees something he is interested in.  My friend Jessica describes the current movement pattern as Kaelen doing “the worm”! Haha!  I will post a video of it at some point just to document this stage. 🙂

On Friday Kaelen figured out how to get from his hands and knees to sitting up as often as he likes.  He did it about 6 or 8 times while we were visiting with Nana and has continued to move between crawling and sitting since.  Kaelen sat up in his crib to chew on crib rail for the first time today when I put him down for his morning nap.  I turned on the video monitor and just had to laugh since he was sitting there pretty as you please just going after the rail!  Doug ran in to catch a picture of him and lay him back down to take his nap.  I ordered a crib rail chew guard a month ago that didn’t end up fitting this crib so now I’m going to have to try again.

Kaelen is making lots of sounds and LOVES to sit and talk to his toys, or chatter when he’s riding in his car seat.  He makes the sounds: Ah, OOO, Oh, and /G/ in combinations.  His favorite noise right now is probably blowing raspberries, and he also likes to make screeching noises (but these he makes at a very quiet volume).

Little man is  now wearing 12 month size clothes.  I just changed over his clothes today from the prior size.  It is really nice that all of the clothes fit in two small drawers in the high changer and he mostly just wears onesies.  Yesterday,  Susan (Grandma) and I hit up a couple of the kid’s consignment stores in town since they were having a $10 bag sale and got lots of overalls, some shoes, and a few long sleeve things for Kaelen in 18 month & 24 month sizes.  It is really nice to be able to get things inexpensively!

Kaelen is continuing to take 2 or 3 naps per day.  It seems like he may be in the process of getting rid of his evening nap.  I hope that as he does that he will begin taking longer naps for his other two!   Overnight Kaelen does sometimes sleep 11 or so hours from 9pm-8am OR he wakes up between 5-6am to eat if he needs.  I’m good with him keeping the overnight nursing as long as he needs it.

Kaelen has his center two bottom teeth.  The second tooth came in 8 days after the first and thus far those are the only two. Since the Six Month post we did begin introducing food as planned using Baby-Led Weaning/Solids.  Kaelen sits in the “Baby Butler”, which is an old-fashioned baby seat that I got from my grandfather’s house to eat once or twice a day after he nurses.  Thus far Kaelen has enjoyed Cucumber Sticks, Carrot Sticks, Avocado Slices, Apple Wedges, Broccoli Florets, Sourdough Waffle (plain of course).  At first taste Kaelen made some really hilarious faces, and still does when we give him something new.  He seems to like everything, although his “favorite” seems to vary day to day.

Here are the pictures from this month’s shoot.  Kaelen was very funny and didn’t want to sit on the couch so he kept trying to crawl away each time we positioned him. So I’ve included a few of the “outtakes”.









Kaelen7Months142Playing with Daddy


Kaelen7Months109Snuggles with Mama

Kaelen7Months104“I’d rather be playing”

~ Erica


6 Months & 26 Weeks

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I can hardly believe our little warrior has been here for half a year already!  Its mind boggling as I think about how much Kaelen has grown and changed in such a short period of time.  Since this post is both on a Friday and on a month anniversary I am only doing the one post.  All the weekly and monthly pictures will be at the bottom of the post.

I’ll start with Kaelen’s stats: He weighs more than 19 pounds but we don’t really know by how much, his height is 30 inches, and he has grown into 9 month size clothes.

One big development is Kaelen’s first tooth emerged last Saturday (June 22nd).  It is the left center tooth on the bottom.  The best part about this tooth’s arrival is that it came without causing much fuss.  Other than having been very drooly for awhile now Kaelen didn’t have any other symptoms of teething.  I certainly hope that he continues to have an easy time with incoming teeth.  The other bottom center tooth is on the way out any day now.  Once enough of the tooth is showing to get a picture I will, but thus far its impossible to get a picture of.

On Monday night (June 24) we took Kaelen to get his first haircut.  I know most people wait longer to cut their baby’s hair, however the long sections by his ears were constantly sticking to his face, getting in his eyes, and just generally looked scraggly…so we decided to go ahead and cut it.  I’m amazed at how much of a difference it made!  He still has little old man hair, but at least its a better shape now!  One day it will fill in… for now at least its cuter 🙂

Kaelen now sits for more extended periods of time on our laps or on a blanket while playing with a toy  (click here to see video I posted) but eventually falls over after awhile or when he’s “done”.  I would estimate he’s sat un-aided for possibly 5 minutes or more.  He sat under the play gym and held onto it/played with the toys from that perspective and seems to really be enjoying playing in the seated position.  This week we also got out the baby piano and the first block set and thus far he LOVES banging on the piano.

Little man is able to rock back and forth on his hands and knees.  This often results in him lunging and scooting around.  Today Kaelen did something that surprised us both because of the strength it takes; he picked himself up on his toes and hands….it looked alot like the yoga pose “downward facing dog”. I love it that there’s so much growing and changing!  Its exciting every day to see what he’s going to do next!

On Sunday Kaelen actually lunged/scooted/rolled across our bed to get to me about 3 different times.  It is so neat to see how he is purposely attempting to move himself to get places!  It seems like he could start crawling anytime he wants to but there are definitely a couple pieces he still has to figure out, like releasing his hand from the floor and reaching forward.  We realize with his new mobility that it is time to get the safety gates put up so that project is now on the short list to get done ASAP.

Kaelen is still taking three naps per day most days and is sleeping as much as 12-14 hours at night.  Most nights Kaelen has still been waking up to eat around 6am, but three times this past week he slept all the way through until 8am!  I am pleased with him naturally lengthening out his sleep, but eventually really hope that he will keep his routine “wakeup” time at 9am. (Hey I can hope even if it may not be realistic!) Kaelen loves to roll around and scoot in his crib when he’s supposed to be falling asleep at nap time or bed time which means that he often takes 30-60 minutes to go to sleep when I put him down… even when I make sure to put him down as soon as he starts showing signs of being tired.  I can put the baby in the crib, but I can’t MAKE him sleep….  Kaelen’s naps are continuing to range from 45 minutes-1.5 hours each.

Kaelen really wants to experience his whole world through his mouth.  He’s been able to pickup toys to chew on for a while, but this month he really has wanted to put EVERYTHING he sees and is interested in into his mouth.  He’s fascinated with anything we are holding, what we are doing, and ESPECIALLY our food and drinks think he’s even tried to chew on the mirror and the wall! On June 4th Kaelen “found” his toes and has since gotten where he will either bend all the way over to chew on them or pick them up to investigate or chew on.  Since he got that first tooth in he does seem to be more careful about chewing on his hands/feet from the sides of his mouth.

Little Man continues to nurse about six times each day and now that he has turned six months we plan to start him working on solid foods.  We are planning to use Baby Led Weaning, which essentially means that we will put large pieces of easy to grab foods (e.g. carrots, toast “fingers”) for him to learn to pick up and put in his mouth to gnaw on.  This method teaches him to feed himself, and to gnaw/chew on foods before he learns to swallow them.  Since he still gets all the nutrition he needs from nursing there’s no pressure on the amount of solid food he gets.  Another advantage to this way is that he won’t get used to the pureed consistency of most baby foods since he will be experiencing many textures right from the very beginning.  I’ll be sure to post lots along the way!

Kaelen 6 months 26 weeks87_1

Kaelen 6 months 26 weeks34

Kaelen 6 months 26 weeks53


Behind the Scenes:

Kaelen 6 months 26 weeks81

Here are a few “Outtakes”

Kaelen 6 months 26 weeks37_1

Kaelen 6 months 26 weeks63

Kaelen 6 months 26 weeks44

~ Erica


Sitting Video

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Here is a video clip of Kaelen sitting unsupported and playing with Sophie the Giraffe which is one of his favorite toys.  I took this video when I realized how long he was sitting unsupported now!   He sits for long periods of time with no help on our laps and usually once a day will sit unsupported for awhile on the floor as well!  How much it has changed since he first started sitting for just an instant while I snapped a picture!


~ Erica

25 Weeks

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This week was a big week for celebrations with Doug.  We celebrated his first Father’s Day Sunday and his birthday on Monday!  Because we had traveled Saturday we kept both days low key but we did enjoy our family time together those two days.  I find myself just cherishing lots of the little moments along the way and the time the three of us spend playing, cuddling, and being together are so special.  Tonight (Friday) we had friends and family over to celebrate Doug’s birthday with fellowship and dessert.  Kaelen provided entertainment and was quite willing to be passed around to visit with everyone.  At one point while he was playing with his Aunt Caryn she had him belly laughing at something… too cute!  After Kaelen went to bed we enjoyed the cake and homemade chocolate pudding.

Kaelen finally started rolling over his right shoulder from back to front.  He had been rolling over for a long time so I was just waiting to see when he would roll over to the other side!  The first time he did it was on Father’s Day and I managed to catch it on video.  This video is a much better video of him rolling all the way over, unlike the video of when he first rolled over since that one was just the last little bit of the roll.


Kaelen 25 Weeks


~ Erica


Five Months Old

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Kaelen is five months old already!  Wow!  Its amazing how the time has flown by since he turned four months.  Enjoy this (overdue) update and the pictures and video included!

Kaelen’s new favorite toy is the ExerSaucer that Aunt Lauren (my best friend) gave him when Lily outgrew it.  It didn’t take him long to learn how to turn himself around to whichever toy he wants to play with.  At some point I’ll post a video of him playing with it.  It is hilarious when instead of reaching for and grabbing a toy with his hand he dives at it with his mouth… haha… I’m amused by the little things! Coordination for grabbing things is increasing – he went from diving at toys with his mouth all the time to being able to reach for and play with toys when he is laying or sitting with coordinated intentional movements.  He also grasps his hands together in front of himself during play or to bring an object to his mouth.

He has rolled from front to back in his crib while wearing his sleep sack.  He walks his feet up and gets his butt way up in the air until he rolls. He has done it on several occasions but doesn’t do it routinely or when he is playing during tummy time.  Instead he has learned to roll from back to front over his left shoulder!!!  He did it for the first time today!!!  It was super slow and took him a long time so I only got the clip from the very end of the process.  I was pretty excited as you will hear 🙂

Little Man is sitting for longer periods of time and does really well staying upright for 15-30 seconds at a time, especially if he is playing with a toy.  I’m not sure why that helps, but the concentration on something in his hands helps him stabilize from falling over to the back or sides.  I took a picture of him sitting when I took his pictures to share here. (see below)

Kaelen is currently taking 3 naps per day & sleeping from 9pm until around 6am when he eats.  I have really grown to love this schedule and am feeling soooo much more rested as a whole!  I knew this time would come eventually and I am so grateful!  I can’t say I even mind the wakeup to nurse since he goes back to sleep until a “better” wakeup time.  He has come a LONG way in the area of self soothing and falls asleep within 2-15 minutes of being laid down.

Kaelen is getting SO big!  He has been wearing 6 month clothes but its time to start pulling out the 9 month size outfits and onesies!  Its really interesting – many of the clothes we have been given are really “wide” for him and not long enough since he’s significantly more tall than fat.  He does have the cutest little leg rolls though!

People have started asking us frequently about teething and while I know that its around the corner we don’t have any signs or symptoms of it.  Kaelen’s primarily exploration of the world does continue to be through his mouth, and his drool is up and down in quantity on different days (mostly up!).

Kaelen has gotten to be where he is ALL about his Daddy!  He wants me some, but if Doug is in the room or talking he would rather be engaged with him.  It is so sweet to watch them together.  Kaelen loves flying in the air above Daddy’s head… Doug just has to dodge all of the drool that tends to “bomb” his face when they play airplane! 🙂

Little Man LOVES to belly laugh!   He thinks its hilarious when we pretend to “eat” his toes or tickle him with our hair against his face.  Raspberries on his belly are another laugh inducing activity and he likes those best during diaper changes after he wakes up.

Kaelen’s hair seems to be getting a bit lighter over time and looks like it has red highlights in some lights or in pictures.  It is continuing to grow but hasn’t filled in too much yet… I keep saying that one of these days we are going to trim the sides so they don’t look so rough… its just a matter of getting him to the stylist while he’s up between one of his naps which is a bit tricky since he is only awake for 1.5 hours at a time including diapering and feeding time which is usually the first 25 or so minutes after he wakes up.  We will get to it…. eventually 🙂

Kaelen realized he could screech in the past week or so.  He loves to hear his voice when he is playing and really gets going sometimes!   It is a “fun” noise for him so we always know when he wakes up happy if he’s making those types of sounds.  Doug has taken a couple short video clips of him trying to get one of him screeching and playing but we haven’t got one we like yet… I’m sure we will get one soon.

Our friends often comment about what a happy, easy going baby Kaelen is… and now that he is well rested and has a routine that is working for him (and us) he really is!   He only ever gets worked up if he’s hungry and doesn’t think I’m feeding him fast enough or sometimes when we put his sleep sack on him and he’s not ready to go to sleep yet.  Its always fun to hear other people’s compliments… but we truly feel blessed.

Hope you enjoy the pictures this month… I took a bunch!

Kaelen 5 Months078
A little Laugh

Kaelen 5 Months096
Oh ya know… just Chillin’

Kaelen 5 Months131
“What do you mean you’re not holding me here?!?”

Behind the Scenes- this is how I get those smiles and laughs

Kaelen 5 Months054 copy

Kaelen 5 Months077

Some Seriously Adorable Pictures of Kaelen with His Daddy

Kaelen 5 Months008
“Daddy that TICKLES!!!”

Kaelen 5 Months009Cheesin’

I love Kaelen’s eyes in these two!

Kaelen 5 Months012 copy Kaelen 5 Months016 copy

Last but not least, here’s the video of Kaelen rolling over that I mentioned earlier in the post.  It is the last little bit of the roll since he was doing the first part for a long time, I didn’t know that he would get all the way over this time.  I get a little animated in this clip, but come on… it is exciting stuff!

~ Erica

20 Weeks

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This week brought a big change! Kaelen moved into the nursery full time this week. The reason we decided to go ahead and move him is that it is significantly easier to let him talk/cry it out overnight when he’s not in the room with us.  The monitor can be turned down and doors closed this way.  I still wake up when I hear him stirring around and can’t fall asleep till after he goes back to sleep, but Doug is able to sleep better so that’s a plus.  I know this part of sleep training won’t last much longer and that Kaelen will learn to stay asleep except for his 4-6am feeding. Kaelen is still figuring out about staying asleep during his naps as well.  Sometimes he will sleep 1.5 hours, other times he wakes up at 30-45 minutes and has to work it out for a bit before he returns to sleep.  A couple of times this week the total time he’s slept during a nap has exceeded 2 hours (with a little crying in the early part).  It will be great once we figure out how long Kaelen needs to nap and he regulates a bit.  For now we just make sure we get him back down for his next nap within 1.5-2 hours and that’s really all we can plan on.

Kaelen also started using the exersaucer Lauren loaned to us with a little pillow under his feet to make sure he could support his own weight standing (since it can be bad for a baby’s hips/pelvis to dangle from that style of seat).  He LOVES it.  I’ll post pictures or video of it at some point down the road.  Kaelen has also started enjoying sitting in his high chair to play with toys on the tray now that he is more stable seated.  He is sitting unsupported for about 5 seconds at a time (if he wants to when we try it), and will sit in the high chair for 15 minutes or so playing independently.

We weighed Kaelen this week because we didn’t have any idea what ballpark he was in (other than “heavy”) and when I stand on the scale with then without Kaelen we arrived at about 18.5lbs…. he’s getting to be a BIG boy! Don’t know how tall he is… I’ll measure one of these days!

Here are this week’s pictures!  Enjoy!

“Pat the bear”

Kaelen20Weeks32The boy & the bear in the nursery

~ Erica

Four Months Today!

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Its time for another monthly update!  Enjoy the post and the many pictures!

Kaelen loves to play under his play gym and this month he began to reach out to touch, grab, or hit toys hanging from it!  He wiggles and scootches quite a bit while he is sleeping and on his tummy during tummy time.  He also accidentally rolled over (click to read post) on Friday.  Kaelen loves to grab our hands and put our fingers in his mouth and has started holding onto toys we give him and can put those in his mouth as well.  Due to his constant drooling, he wears a bib almost all the time so he likes to hold onto, chew, or stare at his bibs.  Kaelen is also getting more and more balanced.  He often sits with only slight support for balance – or he can hold onto our hands with his and manage to balance that way.  I think I mentioned previously that I work on him sitting alone and he’s gotten to where he can do that for about 10 seconds or so when he wants to.

Kaelen found his hands today!  I noticed him staring at them while he moved them a few times throughout the day so he is becoming more aware of what he is doing with them and seems to be intrigued by them.

In the area of sleep Kaelen slept for almost 9 hours straight one night this past week!  It was fantastic to wake up and realize that he was still sleeping!  I ended up waking him up because I had to get ready to leave and needed to feed him first, but wow nights like that are soooo refreshing!  Please join me in praying that he will adopt longer sleep cycles at night in a more permanent way.  Kaelen is currently taking about 4-5 naps per day depending on when he wakes up for the day.  They are usually 45-60 minutes, although sometimes he wakes up after a shorter period of time (like if he happens to nap in his car seat).  I know that the next couple of months will be formative of his sleep habits and that he will soon be consolidating to morning and afternoon naps.  I hope that the transition will be smooth and that we will be good at reading his cues for when he’s ready to make transitions in his schedule.

Kaelen had been sleeping in our bed with us, but once he began moving around in his sleep we transitioned him into the cradle that PawPaw (my grandfather) and one of my uncles made for my parents when I was born.  It sits right next to my side of the bed and is close enough that I can reach in to pat Kaelen’s back to soothe him if need be.  Its really awesome to have a piece of family history to use with my kids!  Hopefully Kaelen won’t outgrow it before he is sleeping all night since I’d like to keep him in the room with us until then- we’d like that to be by about 6 months or so…. but we will have to wait and see how he does!

This past week Kaelen also began sticking out his tongue.  Doug says it looks like he is tasting the air, but I have noticed that Kaelen does seem to do it alot when he is smiling at us or “playing”.  He also blows bubbles all the time which often cracks us up that he is so amused by that.

Kaelen continues to laugh easily and has gotten where he will belly laugh when we are playing with him….  What a joyful noise that is!   It makes my day just listening to him and soaking up his laugh!

Here are the pictures for this month. There were a bunch of good ones so I am posting a few more than usual.


Kaelen4Months018 Our BIG BOY!

Kaelen4Months077Big Smile for Mama

Kaelen4Months066“Oh you know… just hanging around”

Talking to Daddy

Kaelen4Months113Kaelen and me

A Serious Shot… but OH so cute!

Kaelen4Months095Sticking out his tongue for fun

~ Erica


14 Weeks Old

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We had a busy weekend with a surprise 50th birthday party for Doug’s Uncle Jeff on Friday night and a baby shower that I planned and threw here at the house today so I’m late posting this week’s bear picture. The festivities were great fun, however it was crazy so I’m glad to be getting to bed soon to get some rest! I may post some about the shower later… but for now here’s this week’s picture:


I also was able to capture a cute picture of Kaelen smiling and blowing bubbles so here it is- and this picture shows off his chubby cheeks!


Last Picture for this week- Kaelen has started sitting up unsupported for a couple seconds at a time after we set him up. He is still working on the balancing thing and staying upright, but since he managed to stay up for a little while on Friday I snapped this photo. He also lets us know when he wants to be sitting/upright by crunching up and leaning forward if he is reclined. I know one day soon he will really be sitting on his own…


~ Erica

3 Months Old

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We have seen such amazing growth and change this month!  Kaelen is getting so big and really showing more of his personality!  Since this is a monthly post I’ll be going into significant detail on milestones and development for my personal use, so feel free to skip or skim if you only wish to take in his cuteness in the photos below.


Kaelen3Months047 Kaelen’s getting so tall!

So Serious! Kaelen didn’t really smile the whole photo shoot today.
I really love his eyes in this picture though.

“Look at me stand!”
(Daddy was standing right there to catch if needed)

“I looooove my Daddy!”
This is one of my favorite pictures of my boys together!

Kaelen’s hair is finally starting to grow in on top of his head.  He was born with hair on top of his head, however it was very thin and it has always looked like “Old Man” hair or like he had a comb over.  I’m looking forward to it filling in!  His cheeks have gotten really chubby and are soo cute in many of the expressions he makes.  Kaelen started to drool a bit in the last two weeks and some days seems as though he may be teething a bit.  As a result our little man has figured out how to blow bubbles and does so frequently to amuse himself.  He often likes to stand when the person holding him is sitting down and he is strong enough that he only needs balance support.  He can hold his position for up to a minute or two at a time.  The first few times he did this when was when he was mad and screaming, but has since started standing frequently for enjoyment.  Kaelen also  “crunches” up when he wants to be sitting instead of laying down.  It amazes me how strong his core has gotten!

Kaelen regularly sleeps for 5-6 hour stretches most nights and then goes back to sleep once or twice more for 2-4 hours at a time and gets up for the day between 8-10am.   He is up and super cheerful for 45 minutes or so before he wants to take a 45+ minute morning nap. He also takes an afternoon and evening naps but its not yet predictable timing and he often cat naps while nursing or hanging out otherwise.  I know it won’t be too much longer at this phase and he will begin getting more a regular sleep schedule that we can plan around.

Activity wise, Kaelen’s favorites are singing and dancing to music with Daddy.  He seems to like most styles of music and vocalizes along with whoever is singing.  In the last week he also started moving his arms and legs to “dance”… it is sooo cute.  At some point I hope to capture a video of this to share.  He also has started to enjoy looking at colors more and will lay under his play gym for 15-20 minutes at a time watching and talking to the toys hanging above him. One of his favorite “friends” remains the ceeling fan in any room.  He will even take a pause in crying or from being mad to investigate the fan and enjoys it when we turn the fan on so he can watch it spin.

Kaelen’s vocalizations have become more diverse as he has added some true sounds in addition to cooing.  Thus far he has used the sounds: /G/, /Uh/, /A/, & /Ooo/. Its been funny to hear some of the things he “says” almost sound like words.  Kaelen carries on at times and will “talk” to Mama or Daddy or a friend for several minutes at time.  He is often very serious about communicating whatever is on his mind!  I’ll post a video of this at some point as well….

Socially, Kaelen has learned to laugh appropriately (Click Here to see the video of him laughing).  It is so fun to be able to have more interactive play times with him.  The other night we got laughing at him laughing and that went on for at least ten minutes!  Kaelen has also started trying to imitate faces that he sees Daddy or Mama make frequently.  Its so cool to see him “mirror” us…. speaking of Mirrors he LOVES to watch himself in the mirror and talk to himself.  Little man has learned to indicate when he is wet or dirty and also has a different cry for when he is tired… now if only we always understood the message right away we’d be all set.

Hope you enjoyed this update for those of you who chose to read through it!

~ Erica


Kaelen is 11 Weeks!

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As much as I am soaking in EVERY possible moment with Kaelen, it seems every time I blink he’s changed in some way.  I can’t even count how many times people have told me to cherish the time I have while he is little and I sure am doing my best.  Doug and I were comparing weekly pictures and noticed how big a difference there is between weeks 8 and 10…  There are even days we notice how different he is than the day prior.  I have a couple posts with videos that I hope to get up this week at least one having to do with a new milestone but I’ll leave the topics as a surprise.

One thing that has changed recently is that Kaelen can sit upright propped only from behind.  This is much better now than it used to be, which has made taking his weekly picture MUCH easier!  Once we sit him in the chair we only have to adjust him slightly if he changes position rather than being on guard every second to keep him from falling sidewise and hitting his head.  I still prefer that Doug help me to take the pictures because he is so good at keeping Kaelen focusing his eyes towards the camera and getting him to smile, but in a pinch Kaelen and I have done the pictures alone (like for the 9 week pictures).

Another HUGE first is that Kaelen has slept more than 6 hours consecutively on two different occasions in the past week!  Doug and I are so pleased and are feeling much better rested in general.  Kaelen is not yet consistently sleeping that length of time every night, but it is becoming more frequent that he sleeps at least five hours. We know more consistent sleep patterns are right around the corner!  I know I wrote about sleep last week too, but its a big deal to us :).

For the picture this week Kaelen is wearing an adorable classic outfit that was a gift from Doug’s Aunt Corinne:


I love how big his smile is in this one 🙂

I couldn’t resist sticking another one in here too… I think he looks really tall from this angle.


On a side note, Doug and I are excited because all of the cloth diapers have arrived and we have been using them for several days!  We have 24 Bum Genius 4.0 Pockets with microfiber inserts and 18 Sun Baby Pockets with bamboo inserts as well as some Thirsties Duo inserts that we use as doublers for overnight diapers.  We are still figuring out what combination of things work best for which time of day, but are so pleased with the new diaper stash because Kaelen was wetting through multiple diapers and outfits per day while we were still using the fitteds and the covers (they worked great for him as a newborn though).  Now, we are happy to report that he is staying SUPER dry and can go a bit longer between diaper changes. I’ll be posting more on the cloth diapering experience and what all I have learned later on- but you can click the links above to see the diapers if you’re at all interested. Stay tuned for more….

~ Erica