19 Weeks Old!

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Lots of changes this week due to starting sleep training with Kaelen on Sunday.  The week prior he had gone on a nap strike two different days and I reached my “breaking point” because I knew he wasn’t getting anywhere near the amount of sleep that he needs for healthy development.  I’m SOOO thankful for my best friend Lauren and the sleep book that she recommended while I was still pregnant: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth M.D.  After re-reading the appropriate chapters (5 & 6) Lauren gave me some awesome application advice (since she has done sleep training with many children).

We decided on Kaelen’s nap time/night time routine which consists of:
1) Turning on piano music for naps/sleep machine for nighttime
2) Putting Kaelen in his sleep sack
3) Patting his back for naps or rocking in the glider at night
4) Nursing at night or if Kaelen asks (via rooting) at nap time
5) Placing Kaelen in his cradle or crib while he is settled and doing “long blinks” but not asleep so that he learns to put himself to sleep

We also decided to let him “cry it out” (extinction method), but we monitor him with our video monitor.  There have only been a few tough moments…  Mostly Kaelen cries for a very short time (if at all) before falling asleep.  The toughest part has been when he wakes up too soon during a nap or at night and we let him cry until he falls back to sleep.  The longest period of time that he’s cried thus far at night was 40 minutes, but he did cry an entire hour instead of napping one day.  It seems like he does a little better and sleeps a little more each day.  The schedule so far is up at 9am, naps at 11am, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm bedtime. At this point Kaelen is waking to eat once per night between 4am-6am and goes back to sleep until around 9am.  Once Kaelen isn’t waking during naps and overnight (except to nurse) we will see what his natural schedule ends up being.

In other news Kaelen is starting to initiate rolling to his side from his back and now reaches for/grabs toys and holds them while playing, and holds things in his mouth to chew on them on a regular basis.  I’m looking forward to capturing video of Kaelen rolling over soon….

Here are pictures for this week!



This picture is to show how tall Kaelen is getting!  We tried to capture this last week, but Kaelen wouldn’t stand up facing forward so we were able to get Kaelen to cooperate today.  He loves to stand up in our laps or holding on to our fingers and his balance is getting pretty good!  (Daddy was standing just to the left of Kaelen to catch if needed).


~ Erica