10 Weeks Old

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This week went for Kaelen’s two month checkup.  He has gained over 5lbs since birth and is getting longer and longer… not that we needed the doctor to tell us those things… Haha!  A few other milestones from this week:

Kaelen slept for five and half hours for the first time this week!  It was FABULOUS!!!  His longest sleep cycle overnight has continued to slowly lengthen over time, and although it is still inconsistent night to night I am a big fan of the trend.  Today his naps seemed a bit more organized instead of him falling asleep many times and only taking “cat-naps”.

Kaelen seems to recognize more people than just Mama & Daddy, like his Grandma & Grandad (Doug’s parents), Nana & Papa (my parents).  When he recognizes them he immediately gets a huge beaming smile which he directs towards them.  This is often accompanied by him cooing a greeting.  It makes my heart melt when he does it with me!

Little Man also has a super strong grip which he applies readily to anything that brushes his palms.  He often has Mama’s hairs in his hands and can grab fistfuls if my hair is down… getting him to let go is the trick!  This feat also makes getting him dressed or undressed a bit on the tricky side.

I took a few close up pictures of Kaelen this week in addition to the regular weekly picture.  His Daddy was making him laugh and I thought his faces were priceless.  Enjoy!






~ Erica

Florida Trip

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The weekend that Kaelen turned 6 weeks old Grandpa (or as the great-grandchildren call him “Grandpa Magic”) turned 90.  So all of the Charlotte clan headed south to Palm Harbor, Florida to celebrate with him.  The Charlotte crew rented a large vacation home that had a pool out back and was a fantastic setup for all four couples and the 3 grandchildren.

The first day we went to see Grandpa Magic at his house where he held Kaelen for the first time.



We decided to take Kaelen swimming since it was warm even though it was the beginning of February!  The pool was a little cool for Kaelen so he didn’t stay in long, even after he adjusted to the temperature.  The rest of the clan joined in the fun either poolside or swimming/horsing around in the pool.


KaelensFirstSwim34Daddy, Mama, & Kaelen


KaelensFirstSwim58Getting in the Water with Mama

“Daddy I’m COLD!”

KaelensFirstSwim77Warm again with Grandma!

Caleb playing on the whale

 KaelensFirstSwim114   KaelensFirstSwim97
 Mark & Doug throwing the whale…  Boys will be boys…


KaelensFirstSwim121I’m laughing at the boys playing

KaelensFirstSwim91Josh glaring at the camera.  (Thank you Sarah for taking these pictures for me!)

KaelensFirstSwim118Connor practicing with the snorkel


Sunday was the big celebration with Grandpa Magic and everyone in his community.  There was of course a magic show, singing, and alot of yummy cake!  We got a few family pictures that turned out great!


The whole family surrounding Grandpa Magic
From Left-Back Row: Nancy, John, Jay, Susan, Doug, Sarah, JoshFront Row: Sara, Scott, Michelle, Grandpa Magic, Me (Erica), Kaelen, Caleb, Connor, Nicole, & Mark


Four Generations: Doug, Kaelen, Dad(Jay), & Grandpa Magic

There were a few other highlights of the trip that I don’t have pictures of.  We had a few big breakfasts with the whole family (Sourdough Waffles- YUM!).  Fabulous dinners at The Lucky Dill and Spoto’s Steak Joint.  A few of us went shopping in Tarpon Springs and we ordered an entire flat of Baklava that we demolished throughout the rest of the trip.  Thanks for the idea Mark!  A special closing note (no pun intended) of the trip was coffee on Monday morning before we got on the road to come home.  Grandpa Magic plays violin in a band with several other members of his community and they played several valentines classics for everyone in the community! It was a wonderful trip and we especially enjoyed Kaelen getting to meet Grandpa Magic and our extended family for the first time.

~ Erica